1:1 Device Protection Plan

  21-22 1:1 Device Protection Plan
  5/4/2021 - 6/3/2022

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Welcome to the 1:1 Jaguar Initiative (iPads for grades 4-8 and Chromebooks for grades 9-11). Please complete the following steps:

1. Complete and submit this BBE Public Schools Student & Parent Handbook Agreement form after reviewing the iPad/Chromebook Policy & Usage Handbook. http://bit.ly/2VowF8d

2. Submit insurance payment online or in one of the school offices - this will be good for the 2021-2022 school year (May, 2021 - June 2022). $40 Non-Refundable, $350 Refundable, and families with multiple children in the district will be capped at $120.

3. Continue talking about digital citizenship.

4. Bring the device back the first day of school, charged and ready to go!

This year's 8th grade students will be changing from an iPad to a Chromebook. Once forms are completed, insurance payment is made and, the iPad has been turned in, these Chromebooks will be available for pickup at Open House or within the first week of school.

If you are bringing your own device, please contact a member of the tech team.

IF A FAMILY IS UNABLE TO AFFORD THE INSURANCE, IT IS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTACT THE BUILDING ADMINISTRATOR. This form must still be completed, even if payment is not being collected. (select "no payment" on form.)

Patrick Walsh: 320-254-8211 Ext. 2130 (high school)

Rick Gossen: 320-254-8211 Ext. 1219 (elementary)

All forms are online. Payments can also be made online, or by cash or check in either school office. Please select the appropriate option when you arrive to that point. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

Janelle Field: Technology Specialist

Holli Bromenshenkel: Mobile Networking Specialist/ Computer Technician

Patti Kaiser: Mobile Networking Specialist/ Computer Technician

Kody Bertram: Mobile Networking Specialist/ Computer Technician

Thank you!

Select a Chromebook/ iPad Protection Insurance Option - Families have an option for how they would like to provide protection against accidental breakage, loss, or theft. The various options are outlined in the 2021-2022 Handbook. Option 1: $40 (Non-Refundable) annually for each device.

Option 2: $120 (Non-Refundable) annual family max.

Option 3: $350 (Refundable Deposit)